A Little Background

I am an 80-year old man trapped in a twenty-something year old woman’s body, who in July 2014 finished two years as a paralegal in Manhattan. The folks at my old firm failed to scare me away from being a food lawyer, and I’m bound for Columbia Law School in August 2015. In the meantime, I’m going to bounce around the globe a little bit: for several months I will work on writing the sustainability policy for a pecan farm in Green Valley, Arizona. After that I hope to WWOOF for a while in Central America, and then ideally spend a few weeks enjoying and comparing the comforts of various European hostels.

This page shall serve as a cross between an online journal and a social newsletter so we can all keep track of my antics these twelve months. Certain holidays and assorted events will find me back in New York, since I won’t have to pay rent my family resides there. I mostly aim to keep in touch via The Blog, though, so please feel free to post comments on whatever I toss up here. As I zigzag from Iceland to Arizona to Costa Rica and wherever else, come here to read about the more interesting of my doings so that you can be impressed with my youth and vivacity.


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